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Service Description

BellSouth Customer Network Management Service is a network management system that gives carriers direct control over certain network elements from a remote Network Operations Center terminal. The system enables carriers to monitor and manage performance, security, and reconfiguration processes.

BellSouth's Flex Serve Service is software that delivers hands-on control over both traditional cross-connect systems and SONET networks. System capabilities include:

  • Reconfiguration: initiate connects and disconnects on BellSouth circuits.
  • Time of Day Scheduling: macros can be defined to automatically change the use of circuits as needed throughout the day, reducing the need for additional or redundant dedicated circuits.
  • Fault Monitoring: ability to receive facility alarms and query fault history.
  • Error Recovery: using prearranged automatic switching to backup facilities, disaster recovery is instantaneous. Traffic is electronically cross-connected and rerouted around faults, alleviating line congestion and the need for manual rerouting.


Monitoring their network from an internal Network Operations Center, carriers can improve network reliability and decrease their dependence on BellSouth service requests. The system enables users to detect situations early in order to fix a problem immediately or re-route traffic at a moment's notice. Performance history information also helps identify risk areas before outages occur. Bundled with a least-cost routing network design, carriers can maximize their business using multiple relationships with alternative carriers, decreasing investment and increasing savings and efficiency.

Service Design

BellSouth Customer Network Management Service allows carriers to monitor backbone networks from a single location, allowing them to make adjustments to their network immediately. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Network elements, such as SMARTRings and service nodes, are linked together through a monitoring link via the BellSouth TLI/X.25 packet switching network to the Customer Network Management server.

Step 2: A workstation in the carrier's network management operations center links directly to this server, providing access to the Customer Network Management database. This terminal provides a graphical view of the network and with the ability to point and click through the commands to direct network facilities.

Step 3: Support is available from the Customer Network Control Centers - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These CNC Centers will provision databases, address security issues, and answer technical questions. They also ensure that the monitoring links to a user's network elements are continually up and running.

The BellSouth Customer Network Management Service gives carriers access and control to manage their own network or the network of their customer.

Availability & Pricing

BellSouth Customer Network Management Service is available in each state of the nine-state BellSouth region. Customer Network Management is available on DCSs that are pre-configured, as well as on all Lucent and Fujitsu SONET nodes supported in the BellSouth network.

Options are available to use the service from a UNIX workstation, from a VT-100 emulation terminal, and under certain host-to-host interface situations. Consult with a BellSouth Account Team representative about the option best suited to your operations.