BellSouth Transport - Switched Access Service

Switched Access (SWA) Products

Switched Access (SWA) Services Overview
An overview of Switched Access services.

SWA Rate Structure
General description of SWA rate structure.

BellSouth SWA Transport Service
General description of BellSouth SWA Transport Service.

BellSouth SWA Dedicated Ring Service
BellSouth Dedicated Ring service is a SONET based, self-healing ring network in which the entire capacity is dedicated to a single customer.

BellSouth SWA FGA Service
Switched Access Feature Group A service is a line side connection that is provisioned for interstate or intrastate/interLATA use and is available as three types of service determined by the physical features of the connection: Resold MTS/WATS-type service, Non-resold Foreign Exchange (FX), and Private Network, Off Network Access Lines (ONAL)

BellSouth SWA FGB Service
Switched Access Feature Group B (FGB) service is a trunk side switching connection that is used in conjunction with a nationwide telephone number to provide nationwide long-distance access to end-users through a 7-digit phone number.

BellSouth SWA FGD Service
Switched Access Feature Group D (FGD) service is a trunk side switching connection that provides Interexchange Carriers (IXCs) access to both presubscribed end users and casual callers.

BellSouth SWA FGD CCS7 Service
BellSouth SWA FGD CCS7 service allows you to send and receive signals for call setup using out-of-band signaling and outside-of-voice facilities.

BellSouth SWA FGD CIP Service
BellSouth Carrier Identification Parameter (CIP) service is an optional switch parameter that offers you the ability to identify your customer's traffic over your resold shared voice facilities.

BellSouth SWA 8XX Toll Free Dialing Service
BellSouth Toll Free Dialing / 8XX 10-Digit Screening service provides identification and routing of 8XX dialed calls, based on the 10 digits dialed, i.e. 8XX-NXX-XXX.

BellSouth Centralized Message Distribution System (CMDS) Service
BellSouth Centralized Message Distribution System (CMDS) service provides an established means of exchanging electronic billing data among telephone companies for third-party calls made by end users outside of your territory.