Call Return


Call Return enables a customer to place a call to the last telephone number of the most recent call received. This is done by using a code and the last number does not have to be known or have been answered.

How to Use

Call Return is activated by doing the following:
To contact the last number incoming associated with a line:

  1. Listen for dial tone.
    Dial *69 (1169 dial pulse)
  2. If the line is not busy, the call will complete.

For additional activation/deactivation codes on other TouchStar®Services see:




To activate Call Return-Enhanced service see chart:

When Then

*69 Activated

  • Enhanced Call Return verbally repeats the telephone number of the last incoming call.
  • Date and time call received is provided in some locations

Subscriber is prompted

Recording advises subscriber to enter the additional digit 1 (rotary or touchtone) to continue with feature activation or hang up to stop activation

The restrictions of Call Return are:
[AL, TN, MS, LA]

  • Call Return is added and billed on a per-line basis on multi-line hunt lines. If activated to a line with RingMaster, the call will always return to the Main Telephone Number. If activated to a PBX line, the call will return to the main number.
  • Prestige with TouchStar is not available in the DMS-100 office.

[FL, GA, SC, AL, LA, TN, MS ] Existing Call Return restrictions apply to Call Return-Enhanced service.

: It is imperative that the customer is advised that TouchStar Service features only work on calls which both originate and terminate within the same Touchstar Service capable area. A TouchStar capable area is when Central Offices are equipped with TouchStar and are reconnected with SS7 (Signaling System 7) capability between those offices.

: Enhanced Call Return will verbally repeat the telephone number of the last incoming call even if the call is Intralata or Interstate. The call will not be physically returned.

Call Return may not be added to:

  • Any company provided coin/coinless telephone.
  • Party Line service.

Call Return feature will not work:

  • If call is to a coin/coinless telephone.
If Call Returned to And In Then

Number on a Call Selector screening list

1AESS office

Ringback tone heard instead of distinctive tone

If And Then

Call Return activated to # number with Call Forwarding activated

  • Customer activating call in 5ESS office
  • Customer activating
  • Call in DMS100 office

  • Customer activating call will get reorder tone
  • Will hear a recorded announcement