SMARTRing® Service

1000 Mb Transport Service

BellSouth's SMARTRing and LightGate OC-48 and OC-192 services offer new enhancements.

Using the new OC-48 and OC-192 MSPP equipment, BellSouth can now provide 1,000 Mbps Transport, DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12 and OC-48 services via SMARTRing and LightGate. BellSouth's new 1,000 Mbps Transport Service will meet the increased bandwidth requirements of today's data customers for Ethernet connectivity in e commerce, data, video and Internet services. With the advent of this capability, BellSouth can now offer a multi-service platform to meet their transport needs.

Product Collateral

SMARTRing Sales Sheet (pdf 98k)

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LightGate and SMARTRing (pdf 179k)

Service Description

BellSouth® SMARTRing® service is a SONET-based self-healing network with a ring architecture that ensures no single channel outage can interrupt service. This highly-reliable, dedicated service is offered specifically to the wireless carrier for interconnecting cell sites and Mobile Switching Centers (MSCs) with the BellSouth network.


SMARTRing's self-healing nature delivers the highest level of survivability. Diverse routing ensures no single channel outage will bring an network to a halt. As a dedicated service, SMARTRing provides carriers with control over the entire bandwidth and traffic volume.

BellSouth supports the service with dedicated account teams, the Wireless Service Center, and the Wireless ACAC. Further, SMARTRing comes with a service guarantee: If a network interruption does not automatically heal itself within 2.5 seconds, BellSouth will credit the carrier for one months' service.

Service Design

SMARTRing service consists of two concentric rings, transmitting in opposite directions. If a cut on one of the channels blocks transmission on one ring, the other ring automatically resumes connectivity between nodes.

SMARTRing uses special fiber optic terminals to continuously select the best signal for delivery and to protect transmissions from catastrophic failure. Performance is constantly monitored, helping to avert potential problems before they arise. The service also offers a variety of channel interfaces available at designated premises or central office node locations.

Configurations range from three nodes to multiple customer and central office nodes. With standard system sizes of OC3 and OC12, OC48, and OC192. BellSouth® SMARTRing® Service is a flexible solution that can grow as network volume demands.

BellSouth SMARTRing Service

For information on availability and pricing, contact your BellSouth Interconnection Services account representative.