Local Exchange Ordering Guides (LEO)

AT&T SE Region LOH - Local Ordering Handbook

Click here to access the current version of LSOG10/ELMS10

LSOR Documentation

AT&T SE Region LSOR - Local Service Ordering Requirements

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LSPOR Documentation


AT&T SE Region LSPOR - Local Service Pre-Ordering Requirements

Click here to access AT&T SE 9-State LSPOR

BellSouth Operations Support Systems (OSS) Interconnection Volume Guidelines (pdf)
August 2006 - Version 6.0

BellSouth Jurisdictional Factors Reporting Guide (pdf)
May 8, 2006, Issue 6.0

Common Error and Clarification Reference Guide For Local Customers (html - .pdf included with html file)
Oct 21, 2003 - Issue 2

LightGate Ordering Guide (html - .pdf included with html file)
May 9, 2005 - Issue 1

LightGate Billing Guide (pdf)
Nov 2003

Local Online Ordering Tutorial (html)
Nov 2002

MUXLOC - Access Service Requests (ASR) Multiplexing Location Application

SMARTRing Billing Guide (html)
March 2005 - Issue 1 [.pdf included in .html files]

SMARTRing Billing (pdf)
Dec 2003

AT&T Southeast Guide To Interconnection (pdf)
Issue 20. November 7, 2012

CARE (Customer Account Record Exchange) - (html)
Now available at the Interexchange Carrier Guides Page click here!